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Stock Focus List 11/06 - Stocks & ETFs

11/06   @10:35am

Selective Chartists has provided subscribers with a STOCK FOCUS LIST comprising of 
4meeting the Selective Chartists CRITERIA & 9 stocks that are CLOSE to meeting the CRITERIA.  Also, 12 ETFs are meeting the criteria.

Selective Chartists monitors a database of approx. 750 securities with the
goal of identifying the strongest Stocks & ETFs emerging from a BASING phase trading close to the pivot point / ideal buy price

Subscribers are informed when securities meet the CRITERIA & are ALERTED when buy / sell executions are transacted. 

If you are interested to receive this valuable cost effective information, please consider the FREE 30-day trial.

Simply go to, click on the Subscribe Now icon and chose the monthly ($14.95) or quarterly ($39.95) subscription. You will receive 30-days FREE and may cancel anytime prior to term ending.

Selective Chartists Performance in terms of % profit / loss
(Selective Chartists private account).


 2006: +76%

 2007: +14.7%

 2008:  +6.1%

2009: +84.5%

 2010: +65.1% (Jan. – Oct.)

Joe Majocha
Selective Chartists



Disclosure: Long: 5 positions (subscribers only)