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03/20   10:15am

Selective Chartists has provided subscribers with a BIG PICTURE SNAPSHOT comprising ANALYSIS of Major Indices & industry sectors.  

This report is provided on Sunday's and identifies the market stage (Basing, Advancing, Topping, Declining) that indexes / sectors are currently in.

Indicators are suggesting near-term EXTENDED signaling CAUTION. 

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Nasdaq Composite   ($COMPQ)   BELOW 50 & ABOVE 200dMA 
Russell 2000 ($RUT)   BELOW 50 & ABOVE 200dMA
SP 500 ($SPX)   BELOW 50 & ABOVE 200dMA


GOAL of this Analysis:
> Indices relevant to market climate are featured providing insight to
   mood, sentiment and overall prevailing direction.

> Identify the stage in which the Indices are trading.

The 4 Market stages are: Basing, Advancing, Topping & Declining
Current Market Stage:   TOPPING

In all market climates, Selective Chartists maintains and constantly refreshes a watch list of securities that display strengthening indicators and positive developing chart patterns. It is important to maintain a list of securities that are displaying leadership qualities.


Color Key for indices noted below:

Green  (Bullish) - ABOVE 50 & 200-day Moving Averages (dMA)

ORANGE (Caution) - BELOW 50 & ABOVE 200dMA or ABOVE 50dMA & BELOW the 200dMA.

RED (Bearish) - BELOW 50 & 200dMA

Extended - Relative Strength is exceeding 70 (may be due for a pullback)


Airline Index ($XAL)

Bank Index ($BKX)                                              

Biotechnology Index ($BTK)                                   

Broker Dealer Index ($XBD)                                  

Computer Hardware Index ($HWI)
Computer Software Index ($GSO)

Computer Technology Index ($XCI)
Defense Index ($DFI)
Disk Drives Index ($DDX) 

Dow Jones Industrial Ave. ($INDU)

Health Care Index ($NHG)    
Health Care Payor ($HMO)

Health Care Provider Index ($RXH)
Housing Index ($HGX)

Insurance Index ($INSR)

Internet Index ($IIX)                                           

Gold / Silver Index ($XAU)
Major Market Index - AMEX ($XMI)

Morgan Stanley Tech 35

Index ($MSH)         

Natural Gas Index ($XNG)  

Networking Index ($NWX)                                                                    

Oil Index ($XOI)

Oil Services Index ($OSX)

Pharmaceutical Index ($DRG)

Russell 2000 Small Cap Index ($RUT)                       

S&P 100 Index ($OEX)                                              

S&P 400 Mid Cap Index ($MID)                                  

S&P 500 Large Cap Index ($SPX)                      

S&P 600 Small Cap Index ($SML)                      

S&P Retail Index ($GSPMS)

Semiconductor Index ($SOX)

Technology Index CBOE ($TXX)

Technology Index PSE ($PSE)
Telecommunications Index ($XTC)           

Transportation index ($TRAN) 

Utility Index ($UTY)                                              

Value Line Index ($VLE)            



Disclaimer - Principal goal of this information:

Material is provided for EDUCATIONAL & EVALUATIVE purposes only and does not constitute a recommendation or endorsement to buy, sell or hold with respect to any security or investment.  Chart analysis is an interpretation and subjective process.  There are no guarantees the stocks presented will perform in the manner of the interpretation as many factors can affect stock performance.

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