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BP Latest News

|Includes: BP p.l.c. (BP)

Dear IFL readers,

After two independent news sources yesterday 
confirmed the C.E.O. of BP stepping down (SOURCE)
 and a possible 16 million dollar parting gift, BP has yet
again changed its story. 

They started the morning off dispelling these rumors. As long
as they posses photo shop though, I will not believe their pictures
or their press releases. Apparently, they have fooled
our government though?

Yet, in the time it took me to get out an update regarding BP
it appears they are yet again weaving their tangled web (SOURCE)!
When will they ever let up? When will ever get some transparency?

Maybe when they day comes I can hang up my "trend following"
hat, and settle in with only some good fundamental analysis.
Until then I will remain vigilant. I advise you,
my readers to do the same.

Disclosure: No Positions