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Accounting for Fraud

 Where did all this corruption come from? Well expounding on my article "Where Did All The Debt Come From?", I want to bring up the concept that William Black (Sr. regulator during S&L debacle-author of article: American Oligarchs) addresses which is Accounting Control Fraud ( Accounting Control).


Summarizing his point, and the point of most of those who understand how the corporate and socio-political system works, "our rage should be at [them]"!


While this seems like such a simple concept, when one understands this basic principle of accounting fraud, and how our fractional reserve system operates, one can piece together how the "corporatocracy" runs.


Let's put this all together, and stop repeating the same mistakes time and again. Every day we can turn on the news and see the legislature pass bill after bill that hinders the average American and fosters large corporate fraud.


While we can blame our politicians, we have to place where the blame should be put, on ourselves. We now know the truth, but yet we fail to take any action.

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