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Living in "Uncertain" Economic Times

 Reading Between the Lines

What CNN calls risks of economic unknowns is what Bernanke calls "unusually uncertain" times (CNN unusually uncertain times"). Seeing this for what it is, a down trending markets.

Of course, this is not limited to just the DOW Jones, but encompasses the greater portion of our global economy. Rearing its ugly head in the form of a significant Cyclical Bear Market.

Now during this tumultuous time, markets are up and down. Yet there will be plenty of profit made by certain individuals. However, for "savers" and "investors" this will only be a way to lose their shirt.

What to do Next

This does not mean that there is no way to protect yourself or for the average person to make a profit. The change though is that the "buy and hope" strategy that worked for so long will not earn you money from here on out. The new requirement will be for real diversification, not limited only to the Dow Jones, blue chip-stocks, and Wall Street's flavor of the month mutual fund.

If you are ahead of the curve and a savvy trader, you may have already figured everything out. Average investors with little time, should not expect their local broker to have your best interests at heart.

As Dylan so appropriately said “These times they are changing...”. If you care about your money, you need to take action. The following are action steps to take to maintain and increase your wealth (purchase article to continue)

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