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Issue One of the One Dollar Advisor has arrived!

|Includes: AA, FDO, GDX, GOLD, HL, International Business Machines Corporation (IBM), SIRI, SLV, WM

 As the one dollar advisor blog stated: the FED is going to give a printing press to every wall street firm. But don't worry because the other 99.5 percent of us will never get to see this money during our deflationary depression. 

Don't worry about money getting to you(regular Joe)! But we can watch our large government collude with firms basking in their power, asset, land, and money grab.

Somehow we believe that wreck less monetary policy will not have any repercussions.

But on a better note, the One Dollar Advisor has issued its first issue and will be available for a limited time free for seeking alpha readers. 

Please view or download a copy of this at or follow the direct link below:



Disclosure: Long SLV,SIRI,HL