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The Hindenburg Scenario: Will the Stock Market Crash?


Welcome to those of you who stay in the financial loop with me, and any new readers. We talk a lot about the technical side of the market here, and attempt to break it down for good use of the every day investor. Today I want to address some pretty big news that is in the technical arena that has made its way into the main stream.

First, I want us to to keep in mind that markets tend to fall or even crash in the winter months for various reasons. As always these are never guarantees, especially with the FOMC as actively buying securities. However, wise traders have always covered both sides of their trades, and investors can learn from this. When appropriate they should cover the ups, downs, and black swan events that effect them as much if not more than professional traders.

I found this to be a good starting point. Many of these topics we have covered, but there is some valuable info in here:



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