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Usd/Cad More bulls to come?!

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Aug 30 2010

Hello traders!

It’s been a while since I updated blog, when I was discussing about Usd/Cad, and a buying opportunity from around 1.0250 to 1.0300 support region (scroll down). Well, the pair gained more than 400 pips from there, with a nice impulsive leg (red labels) from a wave 2 low as shown on our chart below. Once five waves hit the 1.0665 highs in the past week the pair reversed with a nice three wave move; called a correction, which should be a blue wave (ii), sub-wave of a larger black wave 3 leg.

Wave (ii) may have already completed around 1.0470, as the prices bounced quite powerfully from there over the past few hours. In fact, a recent reversal from the support zone appeared in a territory of a red wave ii) of a smaller degree, plus at equality level of waves c) and a). Usd/cad definitely looks bullish from here, towards and even above past week highs, where a breakout should be very powerful if we keep in mind that blue wave (iii) should be the case. If you are looking for a long opportunity here, then you know where your stops now should be. Risk is very small here, and award very huge…

I was also monitoring oil price action very closely for the past few weeks, and I can see that is also showing the same, long dollar set-up, after a three wave bounce from the 70.70 region. Click here for more details and a chart.

However, before you pull a trigger, you should keep an eye on the US stock market (today’s close), especially S&P 500 1070 level and a falling trend line from the 1130 region, which should not be broken for dollar bulls to remain in play… See you on twitter.

Disclosure: Long