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Modeling March Madness as a Marketplace

The Financial Markets Program of the U of Chicago, together with Carlton Chin, a fund manager, devised a March Madness pool -- that models each game as a financial marketplace.  As a result, the pool is run "round-by-round."  

The pool is free -- and open to all 
(and several organizations have contributed prizes). Note that entries are due a few days earlier than most pools to generate closing price information (which is used to award points for correct selections).  
  • The official opening prices have been posted for the first round games.  
  • Closing prices for each game will be a function of market participant entries.
  • Entries may NOW be submitted for the first round games.  
  • First round selections are due at midnight, Tuesday, ET (March 15). 
  • Pricing can be used as a proxy for the probability of a team advancing to the next round.  
For more information -- and to get your first round entries in -- please visit the March Madness link at  

Please also visit this summary of the March Madness Pool.