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Super Bowl XLVI: Who Will Win & Square Pools

Who Will Win the Big Game?

Our goal in "Who Will Win the Big Game?" is to quantify several key factors related to sports psychology. Our "quant facts" focus on championship factors such as minimizing errors, consistency, confidence, and experience. Although these traits differ somewhat from popular approaches and sometimes select underdogs, the published selections from our book's blog have been correct more than 60% of the time.

In this year's article, we also looked at momentum -- based on the New York Giant's surge during the playoffs. Our analysis was picked up by the New York Times.

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Super Bowl Square Pools

Our article on Super Bowl Square Pools is from two years ago -- but has been popular. If you are in a square pool, the probabilities are interesting:

To see how various combinations of numbers have fared, based on every quarter of the past 43 Super Bowls, we computed the probability for each square to win at the end of each quarter. To inform our calculations, we also took into account which team was favored to win.
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Jay Granat, PhD, psychotherapist, is founder of and has coached athletes at all levels, including professional athletes and an Olympic gold medalist. Jay was named one of America's top mental gurus by Golf Digest.

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