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Jumping into the Eye of the Storm

|Includes: Ford Motor Company (F), FDX, GM, IP, TIN, UPS, VZ

After much delay (a wedding, numerous business evolutions, etc.), I am finally back to writing.  It will take a considerable amount of time to get back into the swing of things after such an extended absence, but I am excited about starting over from scratch.

Here are a couple of things I am working on currently:

- A book review for the wonderful folks at Wiley Publishing; I anticipate being finished in the next couple of weeks
- A gasoline options strategy that private investors can use to hedge against increasing gas prices in any environment
- Preparing for new UAW contracts to be negotiated for the big 3 auto companies: Ford (NYSE:F), General Motors (NYSE:GM), and Chrysler
- Examining whether I should consider re-entering some US banks after dumping Citigroup (NYSE:C) about 3 weeks ago, or whether the floor is still a moving target

Here is a quick summary of my thoughts:

  • Ford (F) looks to be putting in a firm triple-bottom at the $10 level, indicating that this is the level at which unfavorable UAW contract negotiations are baked into the stock price.  It will be interesting to see whether a favorable or just a neutral outcome to the negotiations can break the stock out above the $12 level. 
  • International Paper (NYSE:IP) announced approval to buy rival Temple-Inland (NYSE:TIN).  after an 8% surge to roughly $28 on news of the buyout, the stock has settled to between $25 and $26.  As the process continues, should the stock drop to below $25, it presents a VERY attractive buying opportunity
  • Doing the math to see how the Verizon (NYSE:VZ) workers strike will affect quarterly earnings
  • Watching developments with the US Postal Service's budgetary worries, and how UPS (NYSE:UPS) or FedEx (NYSE:FDX) will respond
That does it for now.  Remember, when it comes to stocks, don't be a "fly on the wall" and get stuck in the tape - take action and make it work for you!