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$TOCK Analysis - My Method

Here's a question: how can people that work for a living (like me) find the time to research and track their stocks?  Between commuting, meetings, and brief-prepping, there's little time to do actual work!  So how do we find the time to analyze not only our currently-owned stocks, but stocks we might consider buying?

With a relatively simple, easy to understand system of course!

I therefore give the world my method for breaking down a stock in a relatively short period of time.  I call it - brace yourself - $TOCK Analysis.  Here's a breakdown:

$ - Valuation: what do the numbers say?
T - Technicals: what do the charts say?
O - Opportunities: what possible catalysts does this company see?
C - Caution: what's the possible downside?
K - Key Takeaway: what does all this information add up to mean?

If you have a good research portal (like Seeking Alpha or Yahoo Finance), then this method should only take about an hour to get a rough grasp on a stock.  If you already own the stock, it should give you an update as to where it stands in the overall market.  If you're looking to buy the stock, you should have enough information to determine whether to dig deep into the company before buying it.

I will write a few articles using this valuation method, just to test and see how it works.  As always, feedback is greatly appreciated and encouraged.