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California’s new president Arnold

 With California government state workers now making mimunin wage as of July 6 Th. The plan is becoming clearer and clearer. Let’s get directly to the point first, and then talk later.

California succeeds form the union of the United States of America.
No way! You say. Grandpa always said “desperate times require desperate measures” and these are times most desperate, no? One need look no further than a playbook of the breakup of the Soviet Union to see the unthinkable can happen. How can this take place here in America? Walk with me my son and listen.
It was only a few weeks ago California started a new stock exchange, only for the speculation of movies they claim. Right! Then how will they sell their bonds to china, there largest trading partner. If they don’t sell these bonds to china then how will they find their way out of this financial mess?
Well this is where the mud hits the fan. Or shall we put it another way, Washington D.C. before they can sell those bonds to china there is  a little dirty work to be done, that is if the government workers want their real wages back and the back pay.
Still not seeing the big picture you say. Let’s ask a few questions like why should California send billions to Washington D.C., the place every California views as a capital of corruption. Where that money makes its way to Wall Street and into the pocket of politicians, pension fund administrators, 401 k administrators and the business elite Why not just keep the money in California? Problem solved, and there budget can be financed by china. I think these California bonds would be safer than American bonds. And besides all that just think, the first lady would be a Kennedy.
Now the big question for me is where this will leave Nevada, and the super city to be <a href=";>Las Vegas</a>. Can we join California? We do share Pacific Time with them. Or will Las Vegas become the new Geneva in a new European style united states?
What can Obama do? What will Texas Do? What will you do?
Every generation has to face something unthinkable, it’s always been that way and it always will be that way. Check your history, the unthinkable always happens, again and again.
On the positive side this will be the first steps to true recovery for all Americans, we sold the ranch and then spent all the money, so are you really that surprised.