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Gold's Bounce Should Be Over Soon

Since Gold fell out of bed on April 15th, and hitting 1321 the following day, the yellow metal has rebounded 61% (the Fibonacci retracement) to $1484 on Friday. Accordingly, there is a very good chance that gold should reverse this corrective pattern and take another swing at $1300 or points lower soon.

If gold goes above $1530, there is a very good chance that the selling phase should be over, although additional weakness is possible even if $1530 is breached to the upside.

For the record, I am long physical gold and am using futures and options on futures to hedge out this position. Long term, I am bullish on gold, but respect the idea that we are in a corrective phase for gold. I am new to using this site and regret that I have yet to figure out how to post a chart showing gold prices.

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