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Fidelity, Vanguard, Schwab, and Profunds Fund Rankings

Positive movement in the market again this week, but with Friday's downgrades of European countries, Bond Funds are still in the top 15. Sector funds remain  at the top of the Rankings. Remember that even though a Fund is ranked in the Top 15, if it is colored red it is in a downtrend. Green coloring indicates positive rate of change over the past period, and red indicates negative rate of change. For the full list of funds that are ranked see our Funds listing. 

Selected Fidelity Funds Rankings 
Selected Fidelity Funds Rankings for January 16, 2012  
Selected Vanguard ETF Rankings 
Selected Vanguard ETF Rankings for January 16, 2012  
Selected Schwab & Profunds Funds Rankings 
Selected Schwab & Profunds Funds Rankings for January 16, 20112