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LPSN and the Theory of Everything

|Includes: LivePerson, Inc. (LPSN)
The theory of everything, which I discovered, states that for every 100 ticks the relative 10 day averages will look the same.
This holds true whether the ticks are minutes, days, weeks, months etc.
This has obvious predictive value. Lets look at LPSN. The last 100 weekly trades show a distinct tendency to follow the open. I call this the YELLOW BOLD graph. Open = yellow, high = green, low = red, close = black. If there is a tendency, I make that line on the graph Bold.
Yellow bold is a particularily usefull predictor, because that is the first piece of information you get.
Today ,M 7/12/10, LPSN was at 6.73 6.88 6.56 6.73
the 10 day averages, given above 6.95 7.25 6.41 6.82
expressed as a % 96.9 94.9 102.3 98.7
Notice the yellow/open is smaller than everything but the green/high. Not to worry the week is young.
Simply multiply 7.25 X 96.9% = 7.03. Now yellow is low like last week. In addition, if you put the close at 7.03; then black is 102.6% of 6.85. I like this because red high is a weak sell signal.
Hence my prediction, according to the theory of everything, LPSN will hit 7.03 this week, and no need to sell unless your a daytrader like me.
I have long tried to combine the information on IBD with the motley fool. I finally threw in the towel and just bought the rulebreakers newsletter.
If you can't beat em join em.

Disclosure: Long LPSN with Sell Limit at 6.99