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Is the term "World Order" an Oxymoron?

Noureil Roubini and Ian Bremmer co-authored an article in Foreign Affairs last year entitled "A G-Zero World". It's making it's way around the 'twitosphere' again since Bremmer's new book (Every Nation For Itself), in Roubini's words:

".flushes out the G-Zero world that we wrote about in Foreign Affairs last year".

The issues raised in the article are very relevant to any thorough assessment of global, geopolitical risks and how they might impact financial markets. The article is a wake-up call to anyone who thinks that there is a 'world order' of cooperative nations eager to find common ground in solving potentially explosive (both figuratively and literally) issues.

Though written over one year ago, the issues are, regrettably, alive and well.....or rather...not so welll...


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