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Commodity Prices And S&P Earnings Growth....

Re commodity pxes. The trend was notable (down) until recently when the combination of the US drought, MidEast tensions, hopes for global stimulus and labor unrest in Africa mines caused spikes in lots of commodities…corn, soybean, oil, platinum. (see first chart below)

Does that feed through to consumer wallets causing them even less disposable income to spend?

Or is the expectation that corporations will eat the hikes and as a result, sacrifice margins in lieu of passing through the higher input costs?

Either way, doesn't that seem to bode poorly for earnings growth, which has already been slowing markedly for some time??? (See second chart below)

Yet, our markets maintain levels near historic highs, while EM only struggles to get off of the tarmac (as pointed out in yesterday's missive).

Food (pun intended) for thought!

The chart below of earnings includes estimates through 2013…..One might think that quite a few 'headwinds' need to die down for the optimism to prevail!

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