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A BlackBerry Fan Visit's The Local Best Buy Store.....

|Includes: BlackBerry Ltd. (BBRY)

and of course starts looking at the competing smartphones ....the young sales man comes over and says can I help you...well yes you can "how are the Z Tens selling?" (I say)....He says very good ...above what BlackBerry was anticipating...(believe that is what they are trained to do)....butttt what they are "not" trained to do is to whip out their own Z10 and start telling you (a potential customer) how fantastic the phone (computer) is. The smart looking young fellow about 26 - 27 years old could not contain his enthusiasm for this I take out my Z10 and were each showing each other what a great a tool it is....IE: the flow, 8 apps open, the hub, how fast it is ect, ect....But the big deal for me is the predictive typing!! I am a realtor and often (very often) type the same message to fellow realtors (IE: Okay to show no code, please see realtor instructions regarding lock box location Thanks) believe that is 14 words... I CAN TYPE THIS WITH 12-13 KEYSTROKES (ahh actually 2 keystrokes and 12 flicks)!!! in about 4-5 seconds!! truly amazing... so my question is how long will BlackBerry have this advantage...will this software be available to the competition or is it secure for the some time under patent protection? 5 years?

I said computer after the smartphone for a is ....hats off to the Waterloo boys for coming up with this game changing OS...!

A couple of other things the Best Buy fellow said were...oh Netflix, they were slow to do the Android app too, and hey (shows me a couple of apps on his z10) and says you can port most of them anyways!

So then (this is a true story) after saying thanks to the salesman I start to walk out of the store and see a teenager frantically typing on his Iphone (maybe a samsung) and think WOW what a time consuming way to.. know....about a month ago I read an article (probably in Seeking Alpha) and the biz fellow says it saves him I think it was an half hour a day? .....I absolutely concur...over a year or ten that is huge my friends! (so to type "absolutely" on the Z10 you go A then B then S then the whole word comes and you flick up the word......God love a duck !!

So I find myself using my phone a lot more and now to send messages versus the tab/laptop/desktop because of the Z10 predictive typing, and phrase learning.....HHHmmm

Another quick ditty...have had the samsung tablet for about 2 years...since having my BB I now often find myself trying to swipe out of an app into the home page ect.... and man would it be neat to have let's say 8 apps open at once...Mr. Heins let's do a Tab!

Wrap up....this is not an entertainment device is for the serious professional who appreciates the fantastic time saving features...and oh yes you Long BB's their are a lot of those types...

Am thoroughly enjoying (and appreciative) for all the hard work Alpha contributors do with their analysis and all the accompanied comments .....and say to the dissenters, shorts need to use this device for a month or two and see the light!

Second wrap up: the sales of this phone will keep accelerating as the word and excitement gets around....I guarantee IT!


Disclosure: I am long BBRY.