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Advice for Company Executives and IROs from Seeking Alpha contributors

I asked Seeking Alpha contributors what advice they have for corporate executives and IROs who want to join the site. Here are a few replies I received:

"Just focus on adding value via education or a unique perspective backed by rational thought, then start writing and writing and writing. Practice helps."


"Here's a don't:

Don't write about how great your own company is, even if you believe it. The last thing SeekingAlpha readers want is a press release or corporate webcast that masquerades as a SA blog post. It is fashionable to use social networks work on the corporate image but SA readers will figure out quickly when they deal with corporate IR propaganda. Besides, with Reg FD there is not a whole lot of insight that a CEO/CFO/IR person can give about their own company that is not in filings.

However, I believe that a high level executive can add value if they discuss general industry trends from their perspective. Changes in consumer preferences, where technology is going, anti-trust issues facing your industry etc. Again, if all they have to say is just a glowing sales pitch then you should probably use paid content newsletters or IR spammers rather than SA."


"They should write an article on a topic and submit it to the editors and see if it is accepted. Do not use the article to push the stock, but do use any article as a means to inform. Do provide new information or comment. Don't put down competitors."


Got advice of your own? Let us know in the comments or message me.