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Short Term - Big Gains

|Includes: AMD, HAL, Intel Corporation (INTC), JPM

As all investors know most profits in today's market are very short lived. Consumer confidence in most positions are in a buy and sell mode as the roller coaster ride we call the stock market holds gains like a strainer holds water. I buy stocks in a different manner than most but at 29 and semi retired I guess its working. For instance I basically buy 80 % of my portfolio off of earnings calls. Example: my last 4 positions were Hal (haliburton), jpm (jp morgan), amd (advanced micro), and intc (Intel). Every stock I earned at least 4-8% and I owned each stock for no longer than a few hours. You may look at these stocks and say they haven't showed the earnings that I provided but if you look closer they have. I sold every stock   minutes after there earnings were released, after hours, and every stock ended up in the red during the regular trading session. As most stocks are very volatile at this time most investors would say this is not a smart play but as my portfolio is up 45% for this year already, and I've been doing this for 10 years now to me its a proven money maker. When I do this I don't just pick a symbol out of a hat I study past earnings, what the current price stands as to the yearly low, and what the outlook may precede as to the current estimates as the key to this is that the company has a positive future outlook and not as much that it beats the current earnings estimate. Its not easy making money in this current economy but its not impossible.

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