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Last weeks wrap-up. New money making website.

Last weeks wrap-up. For my weekly picks I had 13 stocks 11 of which showed a 3 - 6 % increase and all were held for less than 2 hours and all bought off earnings projections my especiality! I had one golden egg out of the bunch, CCK Crown Holdings Inc. An aluminum packaging company which I published in my newsletter as my pick of the week. I bought it at 25.36 and sold at around 28.50 on Friday giving me a nice 10% earning for the 5 day hold. I sold on Friday only because I can't see a positive market this upcoming week but do advise to buyback if it drops anywhere around 26 again as I see it going to 30 easily by next week. My second best pick was apple appl which I bought at 250 and sold out at 261 after-hours. Good thing cuz the earnings were short lived. I am a few weeks away from putting up my own website just putting the finishing touches on it. I'm gonna publish my picks on my blog here until then so if I can make any readers on this site some quick cash I can get some instant positive input on the site which will basically give daily picks on earnings calls and weekly long term picks. And also provide the when factor of buying these quick cash stocks which is 99% of being successful using this method. If anyone is interested in joining I'm gonna give the first thousand customers a free platinum membership which will provide daily texts of my picks when to buy and sell and a whole lot more of investment tools and advise. I'm not one of those penny picking websites I pick real stocks with real earnings and real potential. I just wanna prove my method so if your interested give it a chance I'll give u the proof. Thank you

Disclosure: Aapl short. Cck long.