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Market up, no FTD so far, but more positive. Can add some position

|Includes: RBL, SSR Mining Inc (SSRI)

Major indexes broke above resistances this week with volumes. We officially hadn't a FTD, but volumes on the breaking-day were good. I have few time this week end, therefore I'd write a short post.
But I 'm more optimistic now. Markets reacted well at ECB's decision to buy big sizes  of European bonds (Portuguese and Irish) and on Friday reacted well at the bad unemployment data in the Usa.
This is a positive point.
I think that even if without FTD, one could begin to add position in some leaders name, arising to 100% exposure when FTD materializes.
On my portfolio I sold SSRI, unfortunately too early. I sold it after ECB decision because I thought: "ECB buying ---> more risk tolerance ---> less gold & silver".
As I was in good gain with exchange appreciation , I took profits.
I had a stop early in the week on Bca Generali, but still hold Snam Rete Gas.
And I still hold and don't plan to sell the RUSSIA ETF.
Oil is ready to take off in my opinion...ready to surge up to 100$ early in 2011. Moreover Russia won the race to host the football world cup and this would be good to increase the sentiment about the country.
I'm earning about 9% on that ETF and had a target at about 16-20%.
If there will be a pull-back, I 'll add position on the ETF (about 1/3 of first purchase).
I opened the account for the options, therefore I plan in the 2011 also to play that game with some covered call and bull/bear spread on both European and Us companies.
Let's hope in a Xams rally

Disclosure: long russia, sold silver etf and ssri