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|Includes: Alcoa, Inc. (AA), CAT

While most of investors are waiting for a correction, the markets continued to rise with leader stocks those found new vigor.

De Mark said “the trend is your friend until is not going to end”…welll we had a sell signals weeks ago, but it seems it was stopped out. The trend is not over so far.

My decision about the purchases of some stocks last week was right. Unfortunaly I am not aggressive, therefore my exposure to stock markets is low, but better low than nothing.

AA was not good, because in this contest it ranged around/just below my entry level and my call option now has the same value I paid. Let’s see if next week it makes a break up (it seems it is building a base) otherwise I could close it

CAT is going pretty well. It’s powerful at the moment, cool. This week I am going to roll the call 100 Feb11 sold into a march 105 or 100, according the level I’ll see on tue/wed. But the Leaps I have is gaining more than i lose on the short. Cool, I hope in few months it would reach 120-130.

I was waiting a correction of IBM but it didn't happen, XOM was flat instead. I’d like and entry point around 78-76$ into this energy giant to open a spread.

Earning season continues and my check list was modified in few names.

Last thing: as told last week, I added position in copper. We are close to record levels but I bet in China power that will add stockpiles in the next 40 days.