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Neat New Investor Tool: Sharegate

My company, AB Analytical, recently joined Sharegate, the investment industry's newest financial social network. We are on there communicating with companies, submitting investment analysis and interacting with other investors. This website is designed to benefit all investors, from the individual to the largest institutions.

If you have not seen it, you might enjoy some of the new tools it introduces for building your own network of financial sources, observing investor communication with companies, and discovering potential investment ideas. While it has some of the things we expect from financial portals, like links to news and to prices and the ability to monitor a watchlist or holdings, it has some revolutionary ones as well. For instance, members can ask a company's investor relations department a question publicly. The entire community can see the response, which is a major plus for transparency as well as a time-saver for both investors as well as the I.R. professionals. Another great feature is the ability to collaborate with other investors or to "listen", which allows members to follow other members or topics and receive notifications.

I like Sharegate because it offers some neat ways to find information and distributes it according to your investment, contacts, or subject matters of interest allowing you create your own customized financial information feed. I also appreciate that there is no anonymity, an issue that detracts from so many other portals.

Sharegate is offering a free no-obligation trial period while they fine tune their software, which is still in beta mode. I believe that the annual price for individuals is targeted at just $39 per year, which sounds like a real bargain. Sharegate also offers memberships to affiliates (research providers) and institutions. If you decide to check it out, you will find us an affiliate that is active in the Share Pitch forum. You can check out my ideas at

Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours.

Additional disclosure: I have provided consulting services to Sharegate.