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Multi-Strategy Modeling For Efficient Investment Management

|Includes: DIA, PowerShares QQQ Trust ETF (QQQ), SPY

Investment advisors can effectively scale their business by creating and implementing investment multi-strategy models for client portfolios. Multi-strategy modeling which is also known as models of models allows for models to contain multiple sub-models. This feature allows the advisor to manage the securities in each sub-model or sleeve independently of the model itself.

For example, an advisor can create a Large Cap sleeve and add a 4% position of GE. The same sleeve can be assigned to one model with a 50% allocation and another at a 25% allocation, the result is a 2% and 1% proportional allocation respectively to GE. With this configuration changes only need to be applied to the sleeve and all of the models are updated automatically.

The majority of custodian platforms offer advisors basic modeling and rebalancing directly within the option to use a single model a. A single model approach is a viable and productive solution for advisors to rebalance accounts. There is now an enhanced approach for advisors who want flexibility: multi-strategy modeling.

BlazePortfolio's Atom Align offers advisors a web based platform for advisors to implement a multi-strategy modeling approach. BlazePortfolio's Atom Align is the industry's most advanced web-based modeling and trade order management solution for investment advisors.