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Madoff and its marketing arm Bank Medici in Austria - Primeo Fund


Austrian Bank Medici has opened the Primeo fund, please read on.
Below is the link to the German text of the current enquiry to Bank Austria and Bank Medici.
I personally have been in the Bank, and I can now say, everything was presented in a 100% perfect way, with gold inlays etc.
Bank Medici in Vienna was the marketing arm of Madoff, and has placed more than 3,5 billion into the Madoff scheme (some say far more). Owner, Sonja Kohn says she did not know of the scheme, although she founded the marketing arm with Madoff in 1980.
Many of the investors are Russian, so the residence of Sonja Kohn apparently is concealed.
You might state that she did not know all this, and this could happen, but one other thing is striking.
A Bank Austria (ownes 20% of Bank Medici) fund opened, the primeo fund, even published a brochure stating where it will, or is placing the money. With the fall of Madoff it was revealed that all 300 mio € where completely parked with Madoff.
 For your reference here is a webpage of a friend of mine how he is suing Bank Austria for making false statements. This page has good traffic in Austria. Please contact them if you have questions.