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Investing your money has been made easier today...

I’ve been trading for a few years now and I’ve noticed that it’s a lot more popular to trade your own money than it ever has been.

Thinking back 5 years ago, there was not a lot of good information on the web about trading your own money. The fashion was giving your money to someone else to invest it for you.

With the market hitting a huge low in 2008, and the collapse of many bank and financial companies, people are a lot less trustful of letting others invest their money and are taking interest in doing it themselves.

Let’s think back 5 years again, the doors to buying stock on your own was only opened up by a few brokers. Today, there are a lot of them to pick and choose from.

There are so many retail brokers because the market for individual investing is big and growing. It’s more popular than ever to invest your own money.

A big factor to this growth has to do with it being easier than ever to trade your own money and the amount of information available on the web to help.

There are so many tools available to pick and chose from to help make an individual a good investor; newsletters, blog sites, twitter streams, and much more. There is so much out there to help educate an investor.

Thanks to sites like Facebook and Twitter, people are more open to sharing their investment experiences with others. New sites are becoming available that track these twits and blogs to make it easier for people to learn from each other. Sites like, stocktwits, and bullsonwallstreet track twits and post them into streams.

Thinking back 5 years ago, I could have never imagined what we have available today. The future is only looking worse for mutual funds.

To check out those twitter sites, here are the addresses: