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iPhone lines not exactly long at VZ stores

 Today at approximately 1:20pm EST AAPL stock dropped over $7 on news out of the New York Post website that lines at Verizon stores were meager at best.  The same story was put out by CNN at 12:14pm but didn’t garner the same traction in the market.  That article referenced the following:

And in Atlanta, Georgia, slightly more than a dozen stood in line outside a Verizon store to get the new phone. One of them, Lena Hill, 22, brought food and blankets at 6:15 a.m., expecting to have to camp out in a line to get the device. There wasn’t a line, so Hill just waited in her car.

I think that a tweet I read in the Hedge Fund LIVE chat summed it up best, it went something like this: “the fanatics already have their iPhones and the smart Verizon customers pre-ordered online”.  And to me that makes a lot of sense.  The people who bought their iPhone 4’s on AT&T when they came out are probably locked into a 2-year contract.  What I am curious to see is how many people go get Verizon iPhones on June 24, 2012, two years after the release of the iPhone 4 on AT&T.

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