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“You Have Air Pockets, I Have Skid Marks!”

Thirteen years into this crazy obsession some refer to as a profession, I still find myself making “rookie” mistakes.  Who the hell am I to say how much downside there was in CSCO stock after its disappointing earnings release Wednesday evening?   A real f***in genius I am, betting tens of thousands of dollars that I know the bottom after John Chambers warned of  weak public spending and “a couple of air pockets”.  You have air pockets, Johnny?   I have skid marks.  Hmmm.  How far can CSCO possibly fall?  The tape is strong, and the shorts will have to cover.  Five percent is a lot.  Seven percent!!!  OMG, buy more, Bogey, you’ll  crush it when the buyers come in.  Nine percent????  Wow, gonna get rich quick and finally buy me that fancy watch- sure am glad I stayed late instead of going to the gym.  This is like taking candy from a baby.  Hmmm, 11 percent????   Thirteen  percent???  Holy shit!   Something is definitely rotten in the state of Denmark!!.  Yikes!  Just lost my day, my week and my month in 15 minutes.  This job sucks!!!   Sixteen percent!!!!  WTF!  I WANT MY MOMMY.  Ok,  new game plan, this company is a pig, a friggin dinasaur.  It’s going the way of Compaq Computer and AOL.  SELL, MORTIMOR, SELL!!!   Time to drink. 

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