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Tomorrow is just another day...

Apple started teasing consumers this morning with that “Tomorrow is just another day.  That’ll you never forget” phrase on their website and since the announcement rumors have been circulating and nothing sounds that great.

The buzz I’m hearing is that Apple is going to finally bring the Beatles catalog to iTunes.  I doubt this is all Apple will bring to the table but if they do what a disappointment.  In my opinion if that is all Apple announces it will be the third disappointing announcement this year and a possible pull back is on the way.

The first was the technical glitches when Apple unveiled the iPad, the second was the release of ping, I haven’t followed up on the ping but it seemed pretty weak to be and the name being so similar to Microsoft’s Bing just didn’t make sense.  The release of the Beatles catalog and only the Beatles catalog would be weak and I think the stock could react poorly.

Tune into HFL tomorrow if you want real-time interpretation of the release.

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