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One Year at Hedge Fund Live

What a long, strange year it’s been.  One year ago today, I made my first descent to the third floor of 12 Engle Street as an employee of “TFG Investments.”  I came with no idea of what lay before me.  My interview had been brief, almost alarmingly brief, and while I learned the textbook definition of a hedge fund in college, I barely understood what went on behind closed doors.  That day I took the following notes:

o   Ambiguity is the killer of trading desks

o   Kill the trade before it kills you

o   Trades are easy to get into but hard to get out of

o   When you are having a bad day, you need to learn a lesson and not repeat mistakes;  think of lost $ as tuition

There was no warm up round; I was thrown into the pool headfirst told to swim.  While it seemed painful at the time, in hindsight I am thankful for my trial by fire.  If you need any proof, realize that these four lessons are just as applicable today as they were a year ago.   Over the course of the past year I have learned an immense amount of information including the answers to my question from that day including  “What does it mean when the market is coming in?” “Define a shakeout?” and most notably “What are orders?”  I only hope I am fortunate enough to spend another to spend another year in this seat to learn, experience, and continue on my journey.

Disclosure: none