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Cause I’m Free, To Do What I Want, Any Old Time

It’s occurred to me that a portfolio is similar to a marriage.  Sure there are green P&L days, happy, honeymoon-like days. But in this economy, there are lots of days of deep red P&L, knock-down-drag-out fighting type days.  When I took down my portfolio last week, little did I know it would be this liberating.  No pressure to add into positions I don’t like anymore, no mathematical back flips to figure out the perfect hedge for the current stock mix.  Just freedom to trade what I’m seeing at the moment, looking for clear entry and exit points.  How did I ever handle the daily fear of the dreaded all assets sell off  program?

Tomorrow I will come in with only $180,000 worth of positions.  That’s flat compared to my usual $5,000,000 book.  But if the market gives me a chance, I will build my book back up, big, in anticipation of a late month run.  Why, you ask, go back into bondage?  Is it because I’m a sadist? Because I’m comfortable with the old ball and chain?  Nahhh.  Because I love making money. Oh, and in case I gave you the wrong idea, I love my wife.  At this moment. Alone with my computer and futures montage.


Today’s Aprox P&L:  $11,000

MTD Aprox P&L:       $103,000

Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours.