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Ipad 2, Ipad 3….

|Includes: Apple Inc. (AAPL)

Hedgefundlive -- On March 11,  the ipad 2 is releasing in the US and two weeks after that, it will be available in 26 other countries. To me this is just a simple marketing technique to undercut the other tablet competitors. It is the same as the original ipad but comes with a camera and a software that makes calculations faster. The original ipad was probably capable of these features, but Apple has to keep its fans entertained and it revenues building. Like the original is still capable with 3g but not yet capable with 4g. Also, since now Verizon has rights to iphone as well, the service can be available with Verizon. Apple is marketing the ipad with the slogan that it is slimmer but in reality the weight difference is only .2 ounces. Apple has only released this to compete with other tablets are are giving the original ipad some competition. Next year, it is going to be the same situation with one extra feature and maybe to change things up, the ipad wont be called ipad 3, but it will be something like, “Tripad.” Personally, I am not going to buy an ipad, not now, not ever. I know if I ever do buy it, two months after, new one will come out and mine will seem antique. This has always been Apple’s idea. They upgrade every chance they get, and people still keep on buying. So I will update this blog in about two months, when the “Tripad” releases.


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