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Burgers and Subs — The worlds largest fast food chain that has restaurants in many countries, has been dethroned by a similar chain. McDonald’s serves over a million people daily and can be found in many countries, from USA to Germany to India. Each restaurant is specifically designed to fit the culture of that country and is widely popular within the natives. McDonalds’ has 32,737 units all around the world but Subway, according to last year’s data has 33,749 units. Who knew that Subway would exceed in units to McDonald. One would expect a similar franchise, such as Burger King or Wendy’s to compete with the universal burger shop, but in reality Subway comes out on top. Started in 1984, nearly 40 years after the birth of McDonalds subway has appealed to the people in a faster and different way than McDonald has. The success of Subway is the fact that it has opened in many locations that Mcdonalds has not. Subway has made it way, where ever there is desire for food. For example, Subway has opened its restaurant, in automobile shops, riverboats, zoos and even small stores all across the world.

Even though Subway has more units, its is no where close the leader in revenue earned. McDonald earned nearly $25 billion last year and hope to exceed the number this year. McDonald has no problem being second, as far they are first in revenues.

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