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Top Headlines of the Week — A review of the top headline grabbing stories from the last week:

-Earthquake and Tsunami hit Japan early Friday morning, killing over 1500 and decimating entire cities. Of particular note, a nuclear power plant in Fukushima is on the verge a complete meltdown, rescue workers are using sea water to cool the reactor.

-Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker signed a bill that will limit the bargaining rights of state workers. The capitol, Madison, has been filled with lively protesters who claim the bill is an attack on their rights.
-Libyan protests grew and became more violent, as Gadhafi and his supporters try to remain in power. The rebellion is gaining momentum and spreading, Saudi’s are now joining the recent spark of uprisings. On a related note, women in the Middle East took to the streets on International Women’s Day, fighting for equality. It is possible there will be unforeseen benefits for Middle Easterners in terms of human rights after the dust has settled and protesters achieve their goals.

-The iPad 2 came out Friday, the latest in a string of innovative products from Apple. Lines were out the door as usual.

-Two celebrities were back to their typical antics. Charlie Sheen’s intrusion into your daily life continued, he was officially fired from “Two and a Half Men” and is now suing CBS for 100 million dollars. Lindsay Lohan, was is court because she stole a necklace, or did drugs, or drove drunk, or broke probation or whatever. I’d be more shocked to read a story about these people watching TV at home or eating a turkey sandwich on wheat, the same old craziness has now become the annoyingly mundane.

-The NFLPA and the owners have grown further apart. It appears a lockout is now imminent as the players have officially filed suit. Very sad, only the fans lose here.

-March Madness officially begins in under 24 hours, and teams around the country are battling for a birth. Conference tournaments have been exciting as always, with controversial calls and upsets. Go Sparty!