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I'm Taking My Work To The Next Level

Why I'm Starting a Marketplace Service

Almost four years ago I started writing for Seeking Alpha. Since then I've accumulated over 7600 followers and my articles regularly garner twice the site average in page views. I've made mistakes along the way and learned a lot.

One of the things I've realized is that I bring a unique set of skills to the problem of analyzing technology companies. As an engineer with a Masters in EE, I provide an understanding of the underlying technology that fuels the growth of so many technology companies. This is often missing in conventional business coverage.

At the same time, I have an ability to express my understanding in a way that is accessible to non-technical types. Most importantly, I try to relate the technology to an investment thesis about the company.

In the course of making my assessments of technology companies, I often find that I'm at odds with prevailing market sentiment. For the most part, this has been a good thing, since it generally puts me ahead of the market.

Using my abilities in technology and clear concise writing, I've been able to offer useful insights into the technology companies that I frequently write about. However, the mechanics of publishing and compensation of SA exclusive articles (accessible for free and paid partly on the basis of page views), have naturally steered me into coverage of mostly large cap stocks that are already heavily covered.

I've realized that I need to remove that large cap, page view driven bias from my coverage and concentrate my energies on companies that present the best investment potential, regardless of size. Recently I was invited by Seeking Alpha to start a Marketplace subscription service. I've decided to accept the invitation. Changing the compensation mechanism for articles seems to be the best way to remove that large cap bias.

The Marketplace service will begin effective March 1. Most of my output will go behind this pay wall and only be accessible to subscribers. Since most of my followers are retail investors, I've decided to price the service at a very affordable $50/month. A year subscription is discounted 33% to $400/year.

Realizing that not all of my followers will opt for a subscription, and wanting to stay in touch with them, I've started a daily newsletter which will remain free. You may have already noticed it coming out every weekday morning in the past week.

What will the service offer? First of all, my basic coverage of large cap stocks will not change. I continue to be passionate about companies such as Apple and Nvidia and will continue to provide articles and insights as before. Subscribers will have exclusive access to these articles. In most cases, I'll provide an "executive level" summary of the articles in the free newsletter, a format I am currently testing.

As I indicated, a primary motivation is to expand coverage to small cap technology companies. I'll be generating articles in this category on a regular basis, and I expect that this will constitute a growing percentage (with a goal of at least 1/3rd) of my output. These articles will also be exclusive to subscribers.

I also plan to use SA's chat room feature which will provide direct access to me. I'll be visiting the chat room on a regular (more or less daily) basis and will be available to answer questions and interact with subscribers. I hope this will be much more productive than article comments or even direct messaging. I believe that through my interactions with subscribers, I'll continue to grow as a technology business analyst.

Finally, I'll enumerate a portfolio of recommended technology stocks. I'll be tracking this portfolio throughout the year. In most cases I'll be an owner of a particular stock, which I'll be sure to make clear to subscribers.

I hope you'll join me in this endeavor. I believe its the best way to take my work to the next level.

Disclosure: I am/we are long AAPL, NVDA.