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Follow-up On Australia

|Includes: iShares MSCI Australia ETF (EWA)

Since I published "An Epic Australian Bust" article 10 days ago, a few eye-catching economic reports came out that certainly strengthened my thesis (courtesy of

Construction work done (Q4) - February 29:

Actual: -4.6% Cons.: -1.0% Previous: 11.7%

Private Capital Expenditure (Q4) - March 1:

Actual: -0.3% Cons.: 3.2% Previous: 14.6%

Company Gross Operating Profits (Q4) - March 5:

Actual: -6.5% Cons.: 0.0% Previous: 4.7%

GDP (Q4) - March 7:

Actual: 0.4% Cons.: 0.8% Previous: 0.8%

Employment Change (Q4) - March 7:

Actual: -15.4K Cons.: 5.0K Previous: 48.2K

And just a few hours ago...

Trade Balance (Jan):

Actual: -0.673B Cons.: 1.530B Previous: 1.325B

These misses are not exactly round-off errors...

Disclosure: I am short EWA.