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RELL, GRHU, RNET, RIVR - Stock News Update!



Richardson Electronics Ltd. (Nasdaq:RELL) announced that it has once again teamed with Scintera®, Inc., to bring the newly enhanced SC1887-03 Adaptive RF Power Amplifier Linearizer (RFPAL) to the UHF broadcast TV transmitter market. This fully adaptive, “RF-in, RF-out” amplifier pre-distortion solution operates directly at the carrier frequency, and requires only the addition of a few standard RF components to implement.

The Scintera SC1887-03 RFPAL is a practical, cost-saving solution that satisfies today’s digital broadcast TV needs for reduced amplifier distortion and increased power efficiency, across a broad range of digital broadcast television power levels. The RFPAL precisely compensates power amplifier non-linearities including AM/AM and AM/PM distortion, spectral regrowth, memory effects and other system level impairments. The new solution will be on display in Richardson Electronics’ booth (D303) at the Asia Pacific Microwave Conference in Yokohama, Japan.

Richardson Electronics, Ltd. provides engineered solutions, and distributes electronic components to the radio frequency (NYSE:RF), wireless and power conversion, electron device, and display systems markets. The company’s RF, Wireless, and Power division enables customers in designing circuits; selecting cost-effective components; planning reliable and timely supply; prototype testing; and assembly.


GreenHouse also provides systems that are financially sound and sustainable to residential, commercial, industrial and government markets around the globe.

GreenHouse provides energy-efficiency products, energy management systems, eco-friendly infrastructure, scalable waste-to-fuel bio-fuel and closed loop systems, as well as other proprietary technologies and products that are utilized to provide a greener and safer future for millions of people. Other flagship products and solutions include the Green Village, R.A.P.S., and One Link.

GRHU has retained Rubenstein Public Relations ( to generate media exposure for the company’s efficient and environmentally sustainable innovations.

According to John Galt, Executive Chairman of GreenHouse Holdings, “As a sustainable solutions integrator, we deliver world-class products and systems to a diverse clientele, ranging from single households to industries, communities and entire countries.” Richard Rubenstein, president of Rubenstein Public Relations, said, “GreenHouse Holdings’ holistic approach to sustainable design solutions is increasingly in demand to reduce carbon emissions and provide a cleaner and more secure environment. We will implement a business-focused media relations program to position GreenHouse Holdings as an authority and categorical leader in the clean-tech industry.”

GreenHouse has been engaged to utilize Southern California Edison’s (SCE) Automated Demand Response (Auto-DR) program in Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation’s Long Beach, CA facility.

GreenHouse is a qualified service provider of SCE’s Auto-DR program, providing site assessment, feasibility studies, project development, engineering, and installation of enabling technologies and complete processing of all incentives.

Based in San Diego, California, GreenHouse Holdings is a sustainable solutions integrator with a variety of services that address needs ranging from alternative/renewable energy and energy conservation to cost effective, rapidly deployable infrastructure and sustainable construction. GreenHouse Holdings provides solutions for single households, corporations, communities, regions, and the federal government that mitigate disposal costs and convert waste streams into valuable resources.

GreenHouse Holdings Home Page


RigNet, Inc. (Nasdaq:RNET) Veteran business journalist Joya Dass joined on Dec 16, 2010 Mark Slaughter, CEO, RigNet (RNET) to discuss the company's industry, strategy, financials and positioning.
RigNet is a leading global provider of managed communications, networks and collaborative applications dedicated to the oil and gas industry.

The Company provides solutions ranging from fully-managed voice and data networks to more advanced applications that include video conferencing and real-time data services to remote sites in over 30 countries on six continents, effectively spanning the drilling and production industry.


River Valley Bancorp (Nasdaq:RIVR) announced on Dec 14, 2010 that it has declared a cash dividend of $0.21 per share of its Common Stock for the quarter ending December 31, 2010. The annualized rate of the dividend reflects $0.84 per share. The dividend record date will be as of December 31, 2010 and will be payable on January 14, 2011. This dividend represents the fifty-fourth consecutive dividend paid by the Corporation.

River Valley Bancorp operates as the holding company for River Valley Financial Bank, which provides various banking products and services for consumer and commercial customers in southeastern Indiana and portions of Kentucky. Its deposit products include certificates of deposits, NOW, MMDAs, and other transaction accounts, as well as individual retirement accounts and savings accounts.


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