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PRO, PWRM, CPIX, NHPR, NPSP - Stock Report! March 9th 2011


Deltek, Inc (Nasdaq:PROJ) the leading global provider of enterprise software and information solutions for professional services firms, government contractors, and government agencies, announced that it has appointed Catherine Morales as its new EVP and General Manager of INPUT. INPUT powers Deltek’s information solutions network, providing leading market intelligence, research, events and analysis that helps companies identify, manage and win more government business. In this position, Ms. Morales will be responsible for leading Deltek’s INPUT business unit, including growing sales and subscriptions, expanding the solutions portfolio and entering new markets and verticals.

Deltek, Inc. provides enterprise applications software and related services for the project-focused organizations primarily in the United States.

Power3 Medical Products, Inc. (OTCBB:PWRM.OB) is focused on the development of commercial applications for their proprietary technologies. The scientific team is on the leading edge of the proteomics industry through their discovery of protein footprints, pathways, and mechanisms of disease. These discoveries are being used to develop screening and diagnostic tests for the early detection and treatment of disease. The protein biomarkers, drug targets, and diagnostic tests are targeted toward markets with critical unmet needs in areas such as breast cancer, neurodegenerative disease and drug resistance in cancer. The Company is in a strong competitive position with over 190 identified biomarkers and a state-of-the-art proteomics laboratory.

Rozetta-Cell is a medical biotechnology company that focuses on the delivery and imaging of stem cells during therapy. The company has a robust intellectual property portfolio and has created numerous products for adult stem cell therapy that are ready for market globally. Rozetta-Cell also has several collaborations in process through which it is partnering with industry-leading adult stem cell research companies and adult stem cell vendors.

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