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CONSOL Energy Inc. (NYSE:CNX) announced that it has hired David M. Khani, CFA, as its new Vice President of Finance. David comes to CONSOL Energy from FBR Capital Markets & Co. where he served as the Co-Director of Research, leading more than 80 equity and policy analysts, covering approximately 450 companies. David served most recently as Managing Director and Co-Group Head of FBR's Energy & Natural Resources Group covering the oil and gas exploration and production and coal mining industries. David brings with him in excess of 20 years of investment experience, including 13 years following the energy sector.

CONSOL Energy Inc., the leading diversified fuel producer in the Eastern U.S., is a member of the Standard & Poor's 500 Equity Index and the Fortune 500. It is also a leading Eastern U.S. gas producer, with proved reserves of over 3.7 trillion cubic feet. Additional information about CONSOL Energy can be found at its web site:

******************************************** Crown Equity Holdings, Inc. (OTCPK:CRWE)

Internet marketing or online marketing is one of the most recent and speedy marketing and advertising methods in today's competitive business world. It uses the Internet as a medium to advertise and sell products and services. A form of electronic commerce, online marketing is used by most of the business organizations to expand and promote their marketing worldwide. This business strategy has two modes of operation - business-to-customer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B). Both have had tremendous impact on industries such as flea markets, banking, and music. Today, Internet marketing has become a fashionable marketing plan as Internet usage has increased tremendously among the public.

Like any other traditional marketing strategy, Internet marketing covers customer service, public relations, information management, and sales. It has a number of advantages over any other traditional marketing methods. Some of them are:

" 24×7 days presence
" Convenient to research a product
" Value added customer satisfaction
" Standardized sales performance
" Improved credibility
" Can establish two-way communicative marketing
" Cheaper market research
" Opportunity to expand marketing
" Worldwide popularity
" Diversified revenue streams

Crown Equity Holdings advertises your business adjacent with their digital network content to their targeted audience, which are educated high income individuals.

Crown Equity Holdings, Inc. together with its digital network currently provides electronic media services specializing in online publishing, which brings together targeted audiences and advertisers. Crown Equity Holdings Inc. offers internet media-driven advertising services, which covers and connects a range of marketing specialties, as well as search engine optimization for clients interested in online media awareness.

Crown Equity Holdings, Inc. announced that it has extended its CRWENEWSWIRE global platform web presence and is now publishing online news and information to the following countries: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom, using their specific country code domain and native language.

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Meritor, Inc. (NYSE:MTOR) announced changes to its executive management team, effective immediately. Meritor's board of directors has elected Pedro Ferro to the position of vice president and president of the company's Industrial segment and an executive officer. Ferro will report directly to Chip McClure, chairman, CEO and president. Ferro rejoined the company in May 2011 as vice president, Strategic Business Performance. He is responsible for managing all aspects of the company's business in off-highway, military, bus and coach, fire and emergency, and other industrial applications. Ferro will also have responsibility for the company's on- and off-highway activities in Asia Pacific.

Meritor, Inc. is a leading global supplier of drivetrain, mobility, braking and aftermarket solutions for commercial vehicle and industrial markets.

******************************************** Cleantech Transit, Inc. (OTCPK:CLNO)

Biomass energy is renewable, which means more biomass can be made in a short time. We can always grow more plants. We should plant new trees when we cut down old ones for wood. Biomass can be used to make electricity. Many towns burn their garbage in waste-to-energy plants. Instead of putting the garbage into landfills, they burn it to make electricity. This saves landfill space and gives them energy too. Burning biomass doesn't cause as much pollution as burning coal. But many people don't like to burn waste near their towns. Sometimes it smells bad.

In the developed world biomass is becoming more important for dual applications such as heat and power generation. Biomass is a clean renewable energy resource derived from the waste of various human and natural activities. So the biomass most useful energy which can produce heat and electricity moreover it can also be converted to bio fuels. There are three ways of converting waste and wood into useful biomass energy and bio fuels. These methods include thermal conversion, chemical conversion and biochemical conversion.

Cleantech Transit, Inc. is in the business of producing and conserving power. Cleantech Transit produces and sells clean electricity globally, with a focus on sustainable energies using renewable resources such as Geothermal, Solar and Wind. Cleantech Transit's goal is to use innovative technologies to reduce electricity consumption and dependence on carbon based energy. Cleantech Transit, Inc. was founded in 2006 and is based in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Cleantech Transit, Inc. is pleased to announce it has completed an agreement whereby it can earn a larger ownership percentage in the 500 KW bio mass Merced Project than previously announced.

Cleantech can now earn in up to 40% of the Merced Project up from the original 25% the Company announced. The 40% ownership stake will be based on the total cost incurred to the Project to date, in addition Cleantech can invest the in the Series B shares of Phoenix Energy equal to or greater to the direct investment made in 500 KW project.

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Saratoga Investment Corp. (NYSE:SAR) a business development company, announced financial results for its 2012 fiscal first quarter. For the fiscal quarter ended May 31, 2011, Saratoga Investment reported net investment income of $578,609, or $0.18 per share, and net gain on investments of $5.1 million, or $1.56 per share, resulting in an increase in net assets from operations of $5.7 million, or $1.74 per share and an increase in net asset value per share to $28.01 from $26.26 at February 28, 2011. Net investment income was reduced by the accrual of $721,725 in incentive management fee expense primarily related to the net unrealized appreciation on investments for the quarter. The $5.1 million net gain on investments was comprised of $5.0 million in net unrealized appreciation on investments and $98,000 in net realized gains. Net asset value was $91.8 million as of May 31, 2011, compared to $86.1 million as of February 28, 2011. Net asset value per share was $28.01 as of May 31, 2011 and $26.26 as of February 28, 2011.

Saratoga Investment Corp. is a business development company specializing in buyout, acquisition, growth, recapitalization, and note financing transactions of private middle market companies.


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