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US Stock Market Outlook/Prediction In August- Bullish- almost

|Includes: DIA, PowerShares QQQ Trust ETF (QQQ), SPY

US Stock Market as per our Tarot card model indicates mainly bullish outllook  till most of next week.(inspite of ongoing correction today August 3, Tuesday) As correction this week can be used to build long position as US markets may peak by next week for thsi month and a sharp correction phase approxiamtely from (12-26 August) and ending with a surge in US markets.

Short positions can be built between 12-17 or at;least long positions avoided or protected by conservative stop  loss

Guessitmate: US markets may move at most 200-250 points from here on an correction from peak can range from 150-300 points though business/economy news at end of next week of beginning of the week of August 16 will indicate extent of possible correction

Disclaimer: Please note the shortcomings and caveats in predictions that apply to weekly and monthly predictions with greater force since exact dates of correction/peak cannot be predicted. apart from "normal" risks of prediction. You are responsible for consequences of any trading position created as a result of this posting

Disclosure: no position in any stock or options