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Predictions: Making Money Trading this week Sept 27-Oct 1

|Includes: DIA, Invesco QQQ ETF (QQQ), SPY, SPY

This post appeared on my blog  after Monday Closing and before tuesday Opening bell

Prediction: Can You make Money trading in US Stock Market this week ( Sept 27-Oct 1,2010)

In our Monthly US market prediction, surge in last ten days of September which is histroicaly bad for Us stock markets, was predicted. Markets gained considerably in last few days even though Monday market saw a 48 point decline.

Our Tarot Card Model Predicts steeper correction Mid week ( wednesday- possibly Thursday) amidst choppiness. Markets may surge sharply as week progress towards end of Thursday-Friday

Key risks: Choppiness, surge in US markets end of week may be limited.Pls Note there is no trend and all predicted events may occur within an overall volatile markets

1. Strategy 1: Buy Puts if markets opens positive. If there is positive biz news delay before buying puts

2. Buy call options if US markets correct 150- 200 points at any time before Thursday close compared to present Monday closing level

Pls note strategy for Indian stock markets has already given good profits based on our predictions for thisweek

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