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I need advice...please help me out


Is there a price you can stamp on expert knowledge?

In my opinion, as bad as the economic landscape is today, there may never be a better opportunity in our lifetime to either start up a business or grow an existing one.

Take the mortgage industry for example... high quality loan officers, branch managers and producing owners are all jockeying to join the right team as they face uncertainty in today's market. To add a new branch or even bring on producing loan officers to an existing team could result in immediate revenue. But a wrong decision could spell total disaster. I am certain REALTORS® and broker/owners are noticing the same opportunities.

Marketing costs are at a fraction of the price they were several years ago and the airwaves are no longer filled with clutter. Print advertising deals are abundant. But let's keep in mind that we are still in the middle of a major recession that some experts predict has not found the bottom yet. The margin for error on any business decision could be fatal.


I often ponder this thought.

If I could have a Fortune 500 CEO for a few hours, someone who is recognized as one of the top business minds in the land, what would I be willing to pay???


How critical is critical when I contemplate a major marketing blow out?


What price could I put on business plan advice from a proven leader of a billion dollar company?

How much would I be willing to pay for a few hours of time from a key executive who impacted growth for a Microsoft, an AOL, an Apple. What if someone of the likes of a Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet or Michael Dell said they would spend an afternoon with me and tweak my business plan, my growth strategy, my marketing budget. Could just a few hours of advice from an innovator of the caliber above make a dramatic and immediate impact?  Or would it be best to save money and make your own decisions and wrestle with sleepless nights worrying you made the right choice?


So I ask all my followers out there to offer up their thoughts on this totally hypothetical question -


What type of value would you put on a few hours of expert advice from an innovative leader?




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