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  MusclePharm Corporation (OTCQB:MSLP)

MSLP, one of the fastest growing nutritional supplement companies in the United States with a proprietary formulation used in eight performance products, recently announced selected MSLP as the Supplement Company of the Month for October. recognizes leading supplement companies with products and services that are making a positive impact on the industry and their consumers each month.

MusclePharm’s ads are in all the magazines with some of the biggest names not only in bodybuilding, but the entire sports world. You see their logo on every MMA event and their products are amongst the most popular in the industry today,” commented Jeremy Deluca,’s President. “ is recognizing MusclePharm for their accomplishments and their loyal customer base by featuring them as the Supplement Company of the Month.”

MSLP is currently ranked #14 on’s best selling Company list out of 563 companies. MSLP continues to increase its dominate brand presence in the sports nutrition world with over 1,000 customer product reviews and an average rating of 9.2 out 10.0 on

“We are extremely pleased is recognizing MusclePharm for our accomplishments and growing, loyal customer base by featuring us as the Supplement Company of the Month,” commented Brad Pyatt, MSLP’s Chief Executive Officer. “MusclePharm’s brand awareness and market penetration has increased substantially in a very short period of time due to our products scientific development and the backing of some of the most influential people in the fitness and sports nutrition world.”

MSLP’s top management has extensive experience in the sports world and has harnessed this drive and focus into building a business to benefit its customers and help Fuel The Athlete Inside. Headquartered in Aurora, Colorado, MSLP is a fast-growing developer and manufacturer of safe, scientifically approved, nutritional supplements that are free of banned substances and tested by athletes. They are designed to help athletes, bodybuilders, weightlifters and fitness enthusiasts improve their performance. Each and every MSLP product is the end result of an advanced six-stage research and testing protocol involving the expertise of top nutrition scientists. In addition, the products have been field-tested by more than 100 elite professional athletes from the NFL, MMA, MLB and elsewhere. To date, MSLP has developed six products: ASSAULT, BATTLE FUEL, BULLET PROOF, COMBAT POWDER, RECON and SHRED MATRIX. Two additional products are due in stores in 2010. MSLP products offer up to twice as much of the active ingredients per serving as competing products and incorporate a proprietary mix of ingredients not available elsewhere. MSLP was founded in 2008 and is based in Aurora, Colorado.

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Odyssey Marine Exploration Inc. (Nasdaq:OMEX)

Earlier this month, OMEX and certain investors entered into separate purchase agreements pursuant to which OMEX agreed to sell an aggregate of 24 shares of Odyssey's Series G 8% Convertible Preferred Stock, par value $0.0001 per share, and warrants to purchase up to 1,800,000 shares of OMEX's common stock to such investors. The Series G preferred stock and warrants were offered as units, with each unit consisting of one share of Preferred Stock and a Warrant to purchase 75,000 shares of common stock. The purchase price for each unit is $250,000.

OMEX engages in the exploration and recovery of deep-ocean shipwrecks worldwide. OMEX sells coins, artifacts, and merchandise, as well as leases its themed attraction exhibit and expedition charters. OMEX sells coins and artifacts through dealers. OMEX was founded in 1986 and is headquartered in Tampa, Florida.


Clean Energy Fuels Corp. (Nasdaq:CLNE)

CLNE anounced recently that the company has signed an agreement with Pilot Travel Centers to build, own, and operate public access compressed and liquefied natural gas (CNG/LNG) fueling facilities at Pilot Flying "J" truck travel centers nationwide. Pilot Flying "J" is the largest truck-fueling operator in the country and has over 550 truck travel centers in 43 states and 6 Canadian provinces.

CLNE, together with its subsidiaries, provides natural gas as an alternative fuel for vehicle fleets in the United States and Canada. CLNE designs, builds, finances, and operates fueling stations; and supplies compressed and liquefied natural gas. CLNE also produces renewable biomethane, which could be used as vehicle fuel. In addition, CLNE provides natural gas conversions, alternative fuel systems, application engineering, service and warranty support, and research and development for natural gas vehicles.


Fulton Financial Corp. (Nasdaq:FULT)

FULT announced last week that its largest banking subsidiary, Fulton Bank, N.A. intends to purchase the property at 23 East King Street and has completed the purchase of the adjacent parking lot at 22 East Grant Street in Lancaster City. FULT plans to expand its Penn Square offices, which serve as the headquarters for Fulton Bank and Fulton Financial Corporation and which currently house 450 employees. When completed, it is anticipated that the new building will provide space for 225 employees.

FULT operates as a multi-bank holding company that offers retail and commercial banking products and services in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, and Virginia. FULT offers various checking account and savings deposit products, certificates of deposit, and individual retirement accounts. FULT also provides commercial lending options, such as commercial, financial, agricultural, and real estate loans; secured loans, including home equity loans and lines of credit; fixed and variable-rate products, such as construction loans and jumbo loans; residential mortgages; and consumer loan products.






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