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American Video Teleconferencing Corp. (OTCPK:AVOT)

A quick answer is NO!

We acquire almost all of our Military components from China; those components consist of Rare Earth Minerals. Why we have allowed ourselves to fall under the mercy of China is a question we should first ask our self, and then ask our government.

Currently China, in case of war, can block our essential military needs, and force the US to actually abandon our foreign interests. We are right now at their mercy. Would China deliberately interfere with US Foreign Policy? In a minute!

Because for one, China is an ally of Iran, if for example the US were to engage Iran what would China do?

The Government Accountability Office in April of 2010 said that it had been told by officials and defense industry executives that where rare-earth alloys and other materials were used in military systems, they were responsible for the functionality of the component and would be difficult to replace without losing performance.” And right now, the world supplier is China.

An important component of our military hardware is the fin actuators in precision-guided bombs they are specifically designed around the capabilities of neodymium iron boron rare-earth magnets. The M1A2 Abrams, US's main battle tank, has a reference and navigation system that relies on samarium cobalt magnets from China. An official report last year on the US national defense stockpile said that shortages of four rare earths (lanthanum, cerium, europium and gadolinium) had already caused delays in producing some of our weapons.

There is a message here, and it says loud and clear, Wake up!

Yes we are in the midst of a potential crisis, but companies like American Video Teleconferencing Corp. are seeing the need and beginning to search for a resolution.


Materials SPDR (ETF) (NYSE:CPB) announced recently the launch of Campbell's Souper Recipe Contest and Cook-off in Foodservice. The first-ever operator recipe contest is designed to encourage food service operators to discover how Campbell’s 50-oz. cooking soups can be utilized in their recipes. “Campbell’s U.S. Soup advertising campaign touts ‘It’s Amazing What Soup Can Do™,’ and this message is equally relevant in Foodservice,” said Erica Wilson, Associate Brand Manager, North America Foodservice, Campbell Soup Company. “Using soup as an ingredient provides flavorful and cost-effective menu solutions to operators for all eating occasions.”

Materials Select Sector SPDR Fund (the Fund) seeks to provide investment results that correspond to the price and yield performance of the Materials Select Sector of the S&P 500 Index (the Index). The Index primarily consists of companies involved in such industries as chemicals, construction materials, containers and packaging, metals and mining, and paper and forest products.


Honda Motor CO., LTD. (ADR) (NYSE:HMC) announced its consolidated financial results for the fiscal second quarter ended September 30, 2010. Honda's consolidated net income attributable to Honda Motor Co., Ltd. for the fiscal second quarter ended September 30, 2010totaled JPY 135.9 billion (USD 1,622 million), an increase of JPY 81.8 billion from the same period in 2009. Basic net income attributable to Honda Motor Co., Ltd. per common share for the quarter amounted to JPY 75.24 (USD 0.90), an increase of JPY 45.46 from JPY 29.78 for the corresponding period last year. One Honda American Depository Share represents one common share.

Honda Motor Co., Ltd. (Honda) develops, produces and manufactures a variety of motor products, ranging from small general-purpose engines and scooters to specialty sports cars. Its business segments are the motorcycle business, automobile business, financial services business, and power product and other businesses.


JinkoSolar Holding Co., Ltd. (NYSE:JKS) recently announced that its follow-on public offering (the "Offering") of 3,500,000 American Depositary Shares ("ADSs"), each representing four (4) ordinary shares of the Company, was priced at US$36 per ADS for expected gross proceeds of approximately US$126 million before expenses.Out of the 3,500,000 ADSs sold in the Offering, 2,000,000 ADSs were sold by JinkoSolar and 1,500,000 ADSs were sold by certain selling shareholders.

JinkoSolar Holding Co., Ltd. is a solar product manufacturer. The Company has built a vertically integrated solar product value chain from recovered silicon materials to solar modules. Its principal products are silicon wafers, solar cells and solar modules. The Company sells its products in China and to overseas markets.




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