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Hollywood Media Corp. (Nasdaq:HOLL) announced the availability of mobile offerings including free applications for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch, and Blackberry, along with a free application for Android® phones coming soon. For consumers who prefer to browse the web on their phone, debuts a redesigned mobile-optimized site that allows moviegoers to see showtimes and buy tickets at "Many movie-goers expect to quickly and conveniently access information and make ticket purchases anytime and anywhere," said Joel Cohen, CEO, "Over the past couple of years, we've provided our ticketing solutions to many of the most popular apps in the market. We recognize the demand for applications and we hope to see a positive response with this launch."

Hollywood Media Corp. engages in online ticket sales, advertising, and book development license businesses. Its Broadway Ticketing segment sells tickets, and related hotel and restaurant packages through, 1-800-BROADWAY, Theatre Direct, and for live theater events on Broadway, Off-Broadway, and London?s West End to individual consumers, groups, and domestic and international travel professionals, including travel agencies, tour operators, and educational institutions.



Following several queries from the investment community, PTSH explains the relationship with ThinLine and addresses its "70% ownership". Raj Kalra, CEO of PTSH explains, "PTSH purchased my 70% ownership of ThinLine in a Share Exchange Agreement last week. In exchange of my 70% ownership I received restricted shares of PTSH stock. ThinLine has two owners, PTSH (70%) and a second party (30%). ThinLine is a subsidiary of PTSH, owning 70% therefore shall receive 70% of the profits. In respect to why the deal won't close until December 31, 2010 is due to two factors: 1) ThinLine has approx 70 days to complete SEC audits and; 2) PTSH has its year end 12/31/10, and it makes for easier accounting. For all intensive purposes it is business as usual for PTSH and ThinLine since the merger.

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Leading Brands Inc. (Nasdaq:LBIX) North America's only fully integrated healthy branded beverage company, announced that its Board of Directors has authorized an increase in its share repurchase program of an additional US$500,000. As of the Company has 3,795,886 common shares outstanding, after deducting shares recently purchased for return to treasury. On September 9, 2009 the Company announced its initial share repurchase program of US$500,000 and since that time has acquired 195,739 post-consolidation shares at an average price of US$2.43 per share. The repurchase program has been increased as the Company believes its shares remain undervalued and that this increase in the program will not impact the Company's ability to execute its business plan.

Leading Brands, Inc., together with its subsidiaries, engages in the production and distribution of beverages in Canada and the western United States. It also involves in beverage bottling, as well as in the sale, merchandising, brand development, brand licensing, and brand management of beverage products. The company's principal product lines include juices and waters.


  IDO Security Inc. (OTCPK:IDOI)

IDO Security, Inc., developer of the innovative MagShoe shoe scanning device (NYSE:SSD), continues to market its patented shoe scanning device (SSD), MagShoe 3G series across the globe. The MagShoe not only provides a safe and secure shoes-on weapons metal detection solution that can be easily incorporated to existing screening devices, but also provides a system that is comfortable and convenient for travelers.

"There has been an endless outcry from the public with regards to the new pat-down and full body scan procedures that have been implemented by TSA at the airports as well as pleas by the head of the TSA asking travelers for their patience and cooperation as we head into one of the busiest travel seasons," said President and CEO of IDOI, Michael Goldberg. "We continue to reach out to officials across the world with urgency to act on this outcry and provide travelers an increased security presence while also giving them sense of privacy and comfort at a time where security threats are at their highest."

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Tegal Corp. (Nasdaq:TGAL) announced on November 30, 2010 that it will launch the newest member of its popular ProNova™ family of high-density inductively coupled plasma (ICP) reactors for the company’s DRIE series wafer processing products. The ProNova2 is targeted for fast-growing 200-mm MEMS and 3D IC applications. It was built to out-perform the etch rates of comparative tools and deliver industry-leading DRIE productivity and yield benefits. In addition to demonstrating sustained high etch rates, the new reactor offers a three-fold improvement in ion uniformity. For some applications, the higher uniformity enables a 40-plus percent improvement in etch selectivity. The ProNova2 also allows users to adjust selected etch parameters across the ICP reactor plasma and diffusion zones. This allows for better control of etch process performance across the wafer which boosts the silicon DRIE etch flexibility needed for some advanced applications.

Tegal Corporation designs, manufactures, markets, and services plasma etch systems that are used in the production of micro-electrical mechanical systems (NASDAQ:MEMS) devices, such as sensors, accelerometers, and power devices. The company offers a line of silicon and dielectric deep reactive ion etching (DRIE) systems, which are used for process development activities, as well as for the production fabrication of various MEMS and semiconductor devices.



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