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MEMSIC, Inc. (Nasdaq:MEMS) a leading MEMS solution provider, announced on November 30, 2010 that Dr. Paul M. Zavracky will join MEMSIC as President of North American and European Operations. A director of the company since 1999, Dr. Zavracky will report to Chairman and CEO Dr. Yang Zhao and will be responsible for all aspects of the development and growth of MEMSIC's business in North America and Europe."Paul is an ideal choice to assume a leadership role as we extend our business to system-level products and drive for growth in North America and Europe," said Dr. Zhao. "He has long been a leader in the development of MEMS technologies, is an outstanding and inspirational executive, and will use his extensive network of contacts and business experience to develop new sales opportunities for MEMSIC. As MEMSIC continues to grow, Paul's deep knowledge of MEMSIC and operational experience will also enable him to create additional efficiencies in our operations.

MEMSIC, Inc. provides semiconductor sensor systems solutions based on micro electromechanical systems (MEMS) technology and mixed signal circuit design worldwide.


Globalstar Inc. (Nasdaq:GSAT) is proud to announce on December 1, 2010 that the award-winning SPOT Personal Tracker has been named to TIME Magazine's list of top 100 greatest and most influential gadgets. The list was selected by TIME tech editor Peter Ha recognizing the most influential personal gadgets created since 1923 -- the year TIME started publishing. Launched in 2007, the SPOT Personal Tracker is the world's first satellite GPS messenger allowing outdoor enthusiasts and tech-savvy consumers to stay connected with family, friends and if necessary emergency coordination services, from remote locations around the world. The SPOT Personal Tracker can send a variety of predefined GPS location based messages over the Globalstar satellite network based on the user's situation, providing peace of mind and emergency assistance when needed.

Globalstar, Inc. provides mobile voice and data communications services through satellite in the United States and Canada. It provides duplex services comprising mobile voice and data satellite communications, satellite data modem, and fixed voice and data satellite communications services; and simplex services, including personal, asset tracking, and remote monitoring.


  Hiru Corporation (OTCPK:HIRU)

Hiru Corporation  is considering a merger with a Canada-based health products company. This company operates a full-service natural health clinic and distributes its signature brand of health products.

The company's various products promote brain health, pain management and hormone balance, and help combat high blood pressure and high cholesterol. These products come highly regarded by the Chinese market, and have already received positive online testimonials from consumers who say using the products improved their health.

Services at the natural health clinic include specialty massage, EIS scanning, acupuncture, and computer-guided biofeedback scanning.

HIRU is excited at the prospect of merging with this growing medical company, which has distributors and franchise outlets opening across the country. The name, revenues and all other details will be released by the company shortly, as the discussions progress. HIRU is of the opinion that this is a material event that warrants a public announcement.

In other corporate news, HIRU intends to rescind the 5-1 forward split previously under consideration, as upon further review the management is of the opinion that this course of action would not be in the best interest of the shareholders.

Hiru Corporation operates through its subsidiary, Jiangxi RongYu Pharmaceutical Group Inc., is a producer of Chinese herbs for the naturopathic industry in China. Jiangxi RongYu Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. focuses on producing and manufacturing of herbs, herbal extracts and herbal preparations. HIRU's products are based on the traditional Chinese systems. HIRU researches and develops dosage approaches and health applications of these traditional recipes. On December 3, 2009, HIRU completed the merger with the China-based company Jiangxi RongYu Pharmaceutical Group Inc.

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********************* Eline Entertainment Group Inc. (OTCPK:EEGI)

Eline Entertainment Group, Inc has completed their merger with Vu365 ( ).

Vu365 has been looking to enter the US market for quite some time, and this merger is the perfect opportunity. According to sources, Vu365 offers revenues in the $2 million USD range, with profits of $500,000 USD.

Vu365, a China-based gaming company, has over 30 employees. Founded in 2005, the group operates web and casual games. Vu365 has several products in development: an assortment of strategic web games, cyber games and 3-D large scale competitive games. Vu365 has already garnered popularity as the sole agent of a Korean MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game), a game that accrued 3000 online gamers and a monthly residual income of almost 300,000 RMB (about $10,000.00 USD) from that single application alone.

EEGI is happy to have Vu365 on their team and feels that they are a nice complement to their existing subsidiary, Let the Good Times Roll.

In other company news, the EEGI board awaits Innovation Group (Inn) updates regarding diversification of the Inn assets. EEGI management is looking for a change in direction and growth with its focus set in the entertainment industry with the aforementioned pending merger of VU365; and the recent merger of USA based luxury leisure transportation services.

Eline Entertainment Group, Inc. operates in the educational industry in China. EEGI operates 12 educational training centers for nursery students; and 4 training programs. EEGI was formerly known as Eline, Inc. and changed its name to Eline Entertainment Group, Inc. in April 2001. Eline Entertainment Group, Inc. is based in Hendersen, Nevada.

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dELiA*s, Inc. (Nasdaq:DLIA) a direct marketing and retail company comprised of two lifestyle brands primarily targeting teenage girls and young women, the results for its third quarter of fiscal 2010. Walter Killough, Chief Executive Officer, commented, “During the third quarter, we experienced a sequential improvement in sales trends in both the retail and direct segments. The improvement in our businesses that we began to see in August continued through the remainder of the quarter. In retail, while traffic has remained inconsistent, we have improved our sales execution which has resulted in increased conversion rates. As a result, we were able to deliver positive comparable store sales performance for the last two months of the quarter.”Mr. Killough continued, “This positive sales performance has continued into the month of November. At the same time, we realize that in order to become profitable we need to continue to rationalize our expense structure.

dELiA*s, Inc. operates as a direct marketing and retail company in the United States. It operates two brands, dELiA*s and Alloy. The company dELiA*s brand develops, markets, and sells its own lifestyle brand and third-party brands through its retail stores, as well as via catalogs and the Internet.



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