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From a linkage between Physics and Marketing to improved chances for Smaller and Mid-Sized firms both here and abroad

We attached a link to a presentation by Google's Marketing Director Dan Cobley and our comments to it.

We believe that Cobley's linkage of Laws of Physics to Marketing Strategy can be meant to imply that relatively smaller firms and those from Emerging Countries will have a relatively easier position in the next decade(s) than they used to have in the past.

In the past big business was in the lead due to Economies of Scale and the fact that 'money' was one of the critical scarce production factors.

In the New World Order money is a relatively non-loyal, internationally moving production factor. And not just that: the old guys with big pockets have gotten poorer whereas Emerging Nations are now on many occasions the ones with the big pockets.

See in the attached presentation how we believe that this will further complicate the competitive position for those big firms that do or want not accept the new realities.


Disclosure: No position expect for holdings in Emerging Markets ETFs