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TLT OTM $109-110 $109-$110 Sept Trades

|Includes: iShares 20+ Year Treasury Bond ETF (TLT)

Just wanted to post an update today to the trade due to the not unknown move down in treasury rates.  The spike this morning in TLT to the mid $109's was interest but started to reverse even though the equity market remained down.  This is interesting as it might show a sign of sentiment that the long-term yields were not going to be much more acceptable at sub 2.50% level based on the current information known in the market place.

Claims numbers tomorrow may entirely throw a monkey wrench into the slight gains in the equity market today.  However, unless it is entirely shocking it may be a level at which to add to positions.

I did not adjust my positions per my original posting or add to it.  I was busying closing out some put spreads on a few individual equity names and watching natural gas saying goodbye to the $4 prompt handle to be looking at all of the TLT options carefully.

If I missed the opportunity, its ok I am still just fine with my original structure and the profits it would generate as well as the original intent to roll down the short $109 strikes to eventually $108's, $107's if an increase in interest rates occured.

I still wouldnt recommend being aggressive with TLT on the bearish side but dont see any real reason to be bullish on TLT over a longer term time horizon.

Disclosure: $109-$110 Sept bear call spreads, $109-$111 Sept bear call spreads in TLT